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The Truth (About Essential Oils)

I have decided the best way to make oils affordable & Organic to everyone is cut out the middle man company's and got direct to Sources & distillers & bottle my own. No fancy label cost just the best quality products available. This also make for a higher grade product unlike these party plans, & indirect bottling company's. THE TRUTH ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS...Complete info on product info page check it out. .Essential oils are like a magic potion, delivering a wide variety of benefits and instant results. How you use them depends on what your goal is. They could be to help you relax, tackle a headache, induce sleep or deal with a particularly bad case of nasal congestion. In general, there are three ways essential, What was considered more valuable than gold and silver in Biblical times?

The Highest Grade of Oils Are Certified Organic Essential Oils Are RAINBOW SKY OILS #4 more info & charts below. these oils are the highest grade of essential oils with the greatest beneficial properties. They are free of pesticides and chemicals and are third-party certified for purity. Most commercially available essential oils are nothi