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What I Did to Get Rid of My Cancer

What I did rid my cancer I am not doctor so I can only tell what worked for me & a few others that are now cancer free or 50% less and getting less as keep doing it. And is all know I no longer have uterine, ovarian, endometrium or any cancer which they biopsied that it was in walls N lining that was found. I have not been feeling well for over 20 year with the pain and other factors going downhill a bit more each year & no real answers waking up throwing up every day a few times, sugar crazy, & the pain which I hid most of the time if I could. . Well about 3+ years ago as had one every year I had pap & ultra sound & seems the doctor never let me know it was bad or I had masses on the ovaries! If I hadn’t switched doctors & got my records & me friend took time to read them would have never known. So new doctor & in one visit to a new OBGYN & she did biopsy dc & straight to oncologist which delayed any treatment with for a few months. They found the masses on the ovaries & uterine to be cancer. Well not so straight cause I took a few months to step my natural healing plan which took a lot research, friends & support. The Oncologist pre-warned me she it didn’t look good since it was untreated for so long but I set out to prove her wrong.. She pre-warned me that the stage I was in it would require several chemo & radiation treatments. I looked at her said no that’s going to happen, she thought I meant I was refusing treatment which I would have refused but knew I could kill it naturally & wasn’t going to need as it would be already gone. When she did surgery a few months later, a completer hysterectomy including the uterus to remove the any cancer. But she was shocked a few cells (2) in the uterus kind acting like they didn’t know what to do as she put it. Which were removed surgery along with ovaries which no longer had the masses on them. If anyone’s interested this what I did here was my routine. Also any wanting to experience Reiki for any ailment contact me!

Bitter Apricot kernels 13 to 15 per day ( not all at one time but throughout the day. 4 or 5 at a time no more each time.

Frankincense Certified 3rd party tested USDA Organic GMO free Essential Oil ( 2 drops under tongue 3 to 4 times a day. Also rubbed on feet mainly big toes but all over rub in well and rubbed into inflected area 2 or 3 times a day.

Black Cumin Oil Twice a day.

CBD raw & or pure gold 25% size of rice twice to 3 times a day ( legal in all 50 states since 1932. And when I was out the state where legal Rick Simpson Oil which was only two or three times..

Turmeric Curcumin 1000 mg 3 times a day (puritan pride online there brand).

DMG - B15 complex 2 times a day (puritan pride online there brand).

Mix 8 drops food grade peroxide 35% 6 - 8 oz. in cup water sometimes morning & night.

1 balanced senior multi vitamin high in a, b, c, d, e must contain zinc per day

Cut processed food and sugar by 80% which I continue to do. I use coconut, maple syrup sugar! B-12 3 times a day the kind that dissolve under your tongue.

Hands on & off reiki, prayers, & Tibetan pills (herbs blessed by monks) when I could get them, and positive attitude that I can beat this there is no I room for cancer or illness in my body it’s already gone attitude.

My maintenance or preventive will be 2 to 5 apricots seed per day.

Frankincense under 1 – 3 drops under tongue every day & on night on feet every other day.

CBD once every other day optional unless u have aches n Pains then everyday..

Turmeric daily

DMG or Peroxide twice a week.

Multivitamin high in a, b, c, d, e must contain zinc per day

Reiki, Reiki, Reiki and always prayers.

For info on any these products, oils or to understand of receive a reiki session feel free to contact me or TEXT 724 974-8864

Constantly telling my body there’s no room for cancer or illness of any kind in my body. It’s already gone. Think this, read this constantly.

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