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Certified Organic Oil

OUR Certified OrganicOIL SECTION HAS GROW AND GROWING THESE ARE SOME FINEST AND PUREST OILS THAT CAN FOUND ON THE MARKET TODAY…We are not Physician’s so therefore can NOT recommend essentials internally so we claim no responsivity if you do so we can only pass on information. What you do with it is your responsibility and totally yours. Highly recommend u consider the Budwig report and u make determination of use from there. Below you can inserts from there site. For a copy u can email me at or and I will see you get a copy. Again we are only passing on information as find it or have seen it do what it claims you are solely responsible to how u use it….

*******Essential Oils For Cancer & Other ailments.

*******Everything has an electrical frequency or vibration, including food, our bodies, and even disease th