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Soaps & More

Premium Handmade Soap. This not your ordinary handmade soap because of high end oils used to make it. Ingredients all organic GMO free with certified essential oils &. Olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, shea oil, argan oil, apricot oil, aloe oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, goats milk certified essential oils, & herbs . (Note contains all or some.) OLIVE & SHEA make the difference in Natural products for the mind body and soul. Never dry's skin only replenishes it and make it healthier.. weights of bars & bricks vary according to oils & herbs used.  Phthalate-free   ALSO CREATE & NAME YOUR SCENT . (Also diffuser blends available in soap or oils). WE NOW OFFER SOAP 3 WAYS BAR, BRICK/LOAF OR 1/2 BRICK/LOAF. THE BRICK SAVEs YOU MONEY AND GREAT IF HAVE SCENT YOU LIKE MORE THEN ANOTHER. 

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