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Having an initial cleanse is actually pretty important. Or… if you find that you truly cannot go for a few days without deodorant, you will have to use this one (or any other natural deodorant) for a week or so before you body starts to adjust. It pains me to hear of people who try to use natural deodorants without detoxifying their pits, who then complain that they don’t work. You have to get rid of the decaying matter in your body (esp breeding ground pits!!!) before you can ask your body not to smell …and remember, sweating is a GOOD thing!We want to sweat… we just don’t want to stink.You may want to do a little extra research on switching to a natural, organic deodorant to help give you a better understanding of what to expect. Also, if you want a stronger scent from the deo, you can always add a few more EO drops (so long as it isn’t irritating you) and you can also add a bit more DE. It will make it a bit more ‘stiff’ in consistency, but will help in grabbing odors.ALUMINIUM FREE & ALCOHOL FREE If you’re used to using a roll-on deodorant and want to make the leap to a natural alternative, Rainbow Sky Natural is an easy transition. We thought about all of the most effective ingredients for a deodorant and packed them all into this deodorant. We’ve put in witch hazel, added in absorbent sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as baking soda), to absorb excess moisture and smells along with a few other key essential ingredients, and your favorite oils into our creamy ROLL ON to keep you fresh, naturally. You’re left with softened, dry and tremendously pleasant smelling pits. We have offered several fragrances including no natural scent on this page or you can create your own by picking 1 - 5 from fragrance oil list (email me when u place your order but must order 5 or more for this custom feature. We just did patchouli sandalwood and vanilla rose for a guy and it was amazing. and then he wanted mint, euc, sage w/ hint of sandalwood. your can find the oils available under certified essential oils. 

Rainbow Sky Natural Deodorant (patchouli, sandalwood & you choice oils)

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