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    • A Himalayan salt inhaler is a unique device. In short, it’s an inhaler that can be used to treat many respiratory illnesses. And the salt comes with it ENOUGH FOR TWO FILLS 1/2 WAY.. The basics of how it works are simple, there’s a chamber at the bottom which contains salt crystals, and below that, at the bottom of the device are openings, and at the top there is a tube connected to the chamber.So, when you breathe in through the top, air is sucked in through the bottom and pulled up through the salt. But don’t worry, you’re not actually inhaling the salt grains themselves as that would be quite unpleasant. You’re simply breathing in salt infused air, with very tiny microscopic salt particles. Everyonce in while shake it lighly.
    • Way to use is  fill 1/2 way with salt. Then you place the pipe in or to mouth draw as much as u can in from the inhaler hole. Keep the mouth closed and exhale thru the nose. repeat for approx. 5 -15 min . repeating this each time. Some people do 1 others 4 times a day. Others once and longer. I do it while watching a movie or listening to book. At first you may cough or sneeze or have phlegm/mucus expelled, this good as getting the junk out of you & adding the minerals you need,  You know when to change or add salt if you don't have the salty taste in mouth & nose . 1/2 full should last you at least 3-5 months. Before you need to change but then again it will be decided by how salt is breaking down & want to accomplish.  Our Himalayan Salt Air Pipe Inhalers can help your asthma,  allergies, COPD, breathing & relieving coughs naturally. For centuries, salt therapy has been used to treat inflammation and improve respiratory function. Both Dry Salt Therapy  have been employed for thousands of years.  HELP : Drug Free Natural Respiratory Aid. Sinus Cleanser and relieve symptoms of allergies, sinus, colds and post nasal drip. Reduce your dependence on toxic nasal sprays and chemically laden expensive medications. COLORS & SHAPE VERY SLIGHTLY AS TO WHERE I CAN GET THE BEST PRICES. SOME SELL AS HIGH AS $44.00 SO PRICE SHOP TO GET YOU THE BEST PRICE FOR QUALITY ITEM.
    • HEALTH : Salt air inhalation is known as speleotherapy or halotherapy. Help Natural Relief from Asthma, Allergy, Sinus Infection, Flu, Breathing Difficulties, and Cold Symptoms (when used in Inhaler)
    • USE : with the Neti Pot and Complete Sinus Cleansing System. Natural salt air therapy at home with its’ ceramic salt inhaler
    • ACTIVE SUBSTANCE : Contains Premium Himalayan Pink Salt. No chemicals, anti-caking agents, or free flow additives. Naturally Includes 84 Trace Minerals Your Body Needs. Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals (the Healthiest Natural Salt in the World), mined from deep inside the Himalayan Mountains
    • REFILL : your ceramic inhaler with fresh Himalayan Salt at your desire. Fill 1/2 way with salt.
  • Note: Legality disclaimer.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.The information provided here and throughout our website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition. This information is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your healthcare provider.

Himalayan Salt Air Pipe Inhaler (LIMITED SUPPLY)

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