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May  not be able ship hot months if excendly hot. .These candles are full of treasures, stones and other surprises, making them fun to burn! They contain recycled waxes, dragons-blood scent using the full plant & resins, as well as 3-10 stones such as crystals, onyx, jaspers, quartz, malachite, obsidians, amethyst, as well and many others trinkets. And are assorted shapes and sizes. These candles began when a friend seen all smaller stones in the stone bin that wasn't selling as fast along with a wax left from candles we burned plus boughten wax.  So  we incorperated them & ugly candles was born. ( Thanks Bill ).. Dragon's Blood Gem Candles A Unique Experience You will not find these candles anywhere else! They are funky, crazy, ugly but awesome. First sold on Ebay & still are. All handdipped several times over.  2 to 7  times inserted polished assorted size gemstones or crystals  or other hidden treasures inside. Scented with dragon's blood oil., resin, flowers and root. Fun to burn! A Fun Gift for All Ages! Bur Children should be assisted by an adult as the stones when they fall are usually hot. A set tweezers are best to remove while or when they fall. Made Essential Oil Hand Dipped Gemstone Candles A Rainbow Sky Exclusive. Once billed the ugliest candle has in 33+ years became a staple for many people for fun, ritual, or gifts. So unique & a awesome conversation piece or gift!


Dragonsblood GEMSTONE Candles

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