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size 1 - 15 assorted unless u contact me. It is said to used for several health issues. We are not licensed health officials so we can only make they claims the people so they work. Copper is thought to be of great benefit to those who suffer from ANEMIA. One of the symptoms of anemia is lowered levels of hemoglobin, which are the main components of blood. Copper, along with IRON, are essential for the formation of hemoglobin, and so are considered to be important for those suffering from anemia. NOTE: EVEN GOLD- WHITE GOLD AND SILVER can turn color if body is Lacking what it needs to balance it.. BURN VICTIMS are also thought to benefit from copper supplementation. The nature of a burn victim's injuries means that they often lose a substantial amount of micro nutrients, one of which is copper. Although it is a controversial topic, there is some substantial evidence to back up the claim that copper is beneficial to those suffering from ARTHRITIS.

Copper Rings 3- 6 or 12

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