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It is said to used for several health issues. We are not licensed health officials so we can only make they claims the people so they work.WHY I MAKE COPPER JEWELRY! - Copper and Copper lined Products , Soaps& Natural Preoducts.- Copper Jewelry Why you turn green?.....Copper bracelets, rings and copper lined jewelry.. for arthritis pain relief is an old folk remedy. It is believed that copper is absorbed by the skin to relieve joint pain. The concept of copper absorption is mostly anecdotal and remains controversial but in many cases the relief needed comes with its use. Most choose and use copper jewelry for fashion not function. The statement cheap jewelry turning your finger green is a misconception it?s not the jewelry it?Its your body absorbing the copper you are NOT giving it! though the recommended daily dose of copper is only 0.9 mg a day, copper is an extremely important nutrient to a number of bodily systems.

Copper Bracelet (Magnetic)

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