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--New to aromatherapy or just want to try essential oils? Your search is over! The Highest Grade of Oils Are Certified Organic Essential OilsThese oils are the highest grade of essential oils with the greatest beneficial properties. They are free of pesticides and chemicals and are third-party certified for purity. Most commercially available essential oils are nothing more than a man-made concoction of synthetic chemicals, an ineffective combination of water, cheap oil & inorganic chemicals. If you can find essential oils that meet all of these “highest-grade” criteria, then great! You can feel good knowing that the provider has taken every possible measure to deliver pure, high-quality, farm-to-your-front door, safe & whole-body supporting essential oils. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FROM RAINBOW SKY. Do not use on skin! full strength. For skin use 25% carrier with essential oil carrier like grape seed, apricot sweet almond, hemp. "not for skin unless diluted with another essential oil or tested in small area first" Please note external use only unleBotanical Name: Coffea arabicaMain Constituents:Linoleic Acid: 40-46 %Plant Part: SeedsOrigin: BrazilProcessing Method: Cold PressedDescription / Color / Consistency: A yellow to dark green liquid and has light to medium viscosity.Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A middle note of medium strength, Green Coffee Oil has a green and slightly herbal aroma.Absorption: Readily absorbed by the skin leaving no oily residue.Product Abstract: Coffea arabica is the earliest cultivated species of the coffee tree and is still the most widely grown. All fine specialty coffees come from Coffea arabica, which produces approximately 70% of the world's coffee and is dramatically superior in quality to the other principal commercial coffee species. All the coffee now grown in the Americas originated from one tree in a Dutch botanical garden. Among other possibilities, it is thought that the name 'coffee' comes from Caffa, an Abyssinian province. The Green Coffee Oil is extracted using the cold press method, and it requires more coffee beans to produce the oil than the Roasted Coffee Oil. And since, this oil is produced from the unroasted green coffee beans and has not undergone extreme heat, it has higher amounts of nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins than the Roasted Coffee Oil. The Green Coffee Oil is known to be loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants and can be added to skin care products. It is naturally higher in caffeine, and can be burned like an incense to deodorize and energize the atmosphere.Important Note: Coffee Oil – Green may appear to be cloudy. Potential cloudiness is caused by the oil’s natural wax content. If this is a concern, prior to using, place the product inside a bowl of hot water (while it is still in its original container) and allow it to remain in this bath until it attains the ideal degree of advised by a highly skilled physician. We are not Physicians so we say for external use only. SAVE BUY PURCHASING Larger quanity's. Please note external use only unless advised by a highly skilled physician or herbalist  We are not Physicians so we can only pass on what is known or documented by others ( refer to our product information section to better understand).

Coffee green or roasted Essential Oil

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