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Poison Ivy, Oak, Bug Bits & Sunburn & ITCH. Natural salve is safe & effective no chemicals like store bought. Actually, you can eat it but don't. Contains Bentonite clay: helps bind to the oils from the Poison Ivy plant, thus reducing the itchy irritation & draw out toxins, Baking soda: neutralizes acid & soothes its alkaline, which means it’s the opposite of acidic. When you suffer from a bug bite or something of the like it is higher in acidity. Himalayan pink salt: reduces inflammation and dries out the oils removes dead or dying skin cells & can help relieve swelling, inflammation, and any matter of infuriating itchiness. Glycerin: It makes the calamine a little bit smoother, as it traps in moisture and also draws moisture to your skin. And 4 essential oils. A bit on gritty side but it really works! 

Poison ivy Salve

$16.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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