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 Apply a SMALL Amount to the affected area & rub it gently twice a day or more if need be  A little goes a long way!

Rainbow Sky's ANTI AGING is a combination  essential oils & naturalcarriers, blended to just the right proportions to promote LESS WRINKLES .

 Rub on directly. to Bags and wrinkles,






 We can only make our claims according to the folklore of this product, as we are not qualified medical authorities or practitioners. However, we do have people that swear by its healing qualities, and that’s enough for me!  



  • BooBoo 43+ Essential Oils 

    Salve Organic coccont oil, Apis Mellifera (Premium grade white Beeswax), Sativa Oil (, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), BooBoo oil Essential Oils, .Apis Mellifera Tocopherol (Vitamin E), with extra added aricia, frankincense & tumeric essential oils (May also containsherbs, spices or ovious carriers)

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